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September 13, 2013 / entitysl

Entity: Arachnid Throne

Entity arachnid throne pic

And now is available in store in three different colors this special couch with arachnid legs,  this rare piece appeared as a gift in a hunt event a few months ago, under the name of “Crab couch”, That’s is because my girlfriend suffers a horrible spider phobia. But now she has overcome the rejection of this couch and we can call it by it’s real name: “Arachnid Couch” yeaaa!!

Entity arachnid couch red Entity arachnid couch Yellow

Was made to decorate houses of dark queens, evil kings,  dark societies, or vampire clans (or anyone who has evil intentions). 21  pg animations  options, 8 land impact, competely mesh.

Entity arachnid couch secondary

Inspired by someones nightmare, can you imagine sitting still over it? Powerful, playful, scary, all things mixed in this new piece. Perfect for roleplay, fantasy sims, goth castles and arachnid lovers.

Available in Marketplace and Main Store. Follow us in Fickr and FaceBook.


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