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September 2, 2013 / entitysl

Entity in Harvest Moon (1 linden Hunt).

September is to celebrate the Harvest moon Yeaaa!  but, wait a moment, what is “Harvest Moon?” (i need to say, i didn’t know until now).

Usually is the new moon nearest to the autumn equinox and is the day when farmers do a “nocturne harvesting”(in ancient times at least).   In some rare occasions, the full moon and the equinox match, In that moment, when the last  sun of summer is hiding and the full moon appears on the other side,  we can enjoy a special Harvest Moon that looks spectacular: like a giant pumpkin over the horizon.

To to commemorate this event, Entity built a gazebo that includes all elements of the moment, the Harvest moon and and Autumn tree.

harvest moon gazebo Snapshot_003_001

This  is our gift to Harvest Moon hunt. available at august 31 to September 30 in the main store (1 linden gift).  Don’t miss it.

Come to visit our main Main Store, follow us in Fickr or FaceBook


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