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July 2, 2013 / entitysl

Entity in “The Home Show” the SL’s premier home and garden show

It’s time! Strap your wallets on and lace up your shoes, cause “the Home Show” has started, it’s shopping time!skyloft

What is The Home Show: There is a huge lack of home and garden based events in Second Life, and The Home Show wants to fill that gap.  The Home show want to bring some of the best, well known, and up-and-coming designers all under one roof to give customers a great shopping experience.

Home Show 2013 Poster

There’s special stickers that indicate the new releases that are exclusive to The Home Show.

loft 3_001

The event is divided across two sims with a landing point in each. There are also six maps located across the venue; two near each landing point and two right in the middle. here is the link for map and information:

loft 2_002 loft 3_003 loft 3_002

Entity Furniture store have prepared some exclusive products for this event, a modern Sky-loft mesh with 27 land impact, completely baked and perfectly handcrafted, its 22mts x 15mts footprint.   Also a few products made ​with recycled materials, such as a coffee table, and interior plant pots.

The Home Show flick

Entity: Main StoreMarketplaceFickr.


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  1. Andy / Aug 30 2013 3:48 pm

    Hi regarding to Entity: Urban Grunge Couch, do I need to have a house to use it? and how can I use things? I managed to find out how to wear clothes I but in the marketplace but don’t know how to use things… I’m also thinking about buying a house, do you offer help like a bank’s financing in real life? Thank you in advance…

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