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May 21, 2013 / entitysl

Entity: Rivera Bed Revamp

entity Rivera bed pic_002

Today we bring you the release of the version 2 of the “Rivera bed”, with improvements in its geometry, textures and animations.

this version is less prim, more texture options, and more animations.  Its full sculpted and pre-rendered, with 32 romantic animations (PG and Adult), cuddles, reading, sleeping and sexual options.

entity Rivera bed pic_001

wear the “Hud” and select from 40 texture options, you can change texture of 8 parts of the bed: Rug, Duvet, Bottom Sheet, 2 Pillows, night table, headboard and base. You can chose from 5 sets we created for different styles or combine it as you want.

poses 1_003 poses 1_011 poses 1_020

– 4 sub-menus called: “moments” and “Passion” (PG animations); and “WomanOnTop” and “Wild” (Adult Animations). 32 couple animations in total. You can “adjust” to fix positions and “Swap” to change places of avatars.

Available in: MarketplaceMain Store. Follow us Fickr.


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