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July 23, 2012 / entitysl

Entity new script provider.

when I asked to my old script provider about the terrible message “no room to sit” that appeared occasionally in some of my furniture, he just replied: “it’s a Second Life bug”, that some invisible sculpties could interfere between you and the furniture and he was not able to give me a solution. for that reason I needed to change the scripts system that I use since I started making virtual furniture three years ago.

So, because, our priority is that you as clients are happy with what you buy in our store, not only with the quality of textures, animations, designs and originality, but also with the scripts that we use. finally we found the perfect script that conform our standard of quality.

It is much better than the older, because this can rezz props, give items to wear and provides the useful option to swap position of the users (also have a script helper to prevent the Second Life message: no room to sit”). We are happy and working to change our stuff, and of course making news.

Thanks Code Violet, creator of AVSitter.


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